4Chan Releases Private Photos of Hope Solo and Kim Kardashian


Photographs showing a naked Jlaw have been released included in a package of hacked pics in the second such leak of hacked personal content of stars by 4Chan and other online sites such as Huffington Post.

The list of celebrities involved in the release also includes actress Aubrey Plaza and model Kate Upton. New photos of Lee Sobieski have also been leaked in this latest cache.

It is not possible to determine when the pictures were from but investigations into the leak are currently being made by the FBI.

Earlier this month over 100 famous women were targetted by a group of hackers who took hundreds of naked photographs and sex tapes from their personal accounts and leaked on the web.

The original collection of images also included stars Mary E Winstead, Cara Delevigne and Victoria Justice.

Representatives for Kate Upton released a statement on her official website saying they were verifying the authenticity of the photos.

Actor Charlie Sheen Is With A All New Porn Star Partner

Charlie Sheen has a new pornstar leading lady and her name is Georgia Jones. During all the stories and odd behaviors Charlie has managed to scoop up a new female. Georgia Jones is 25 years of age and has been doing videos in the porno industry ever since she was 18 years old. She began as a photo shoot model during her teenage years and soon as she turned eighteen years old she began nude modeling. Georgia started the porn business fully sometime in 2007 and has stayed put ever since. Jones has been named Cover Girl for August as well as Penthouse Pet of the Month for the 2011 year. Charlie Sheen and Georgia Jones spent the Christmas vacation in Mexico and they did not conceal their lust for each other in front of the paparazzi. How long do you think this companionship is going to go on for with this brand new goddess?

Teasy Lady’s Clothing

Have you been searching for a vintage as well as leading-edge women’s fashion clothing brand? If so, there is only one brand you have to contribute your time in checking out. Teasy is a funky all new women’s knitwear apparel brand where the styles are formed thru the South Florida style. This specific brand began in 2010, in Miami, Florida and all of the clothing pieces have been made from high quality material. The Teasy creators are youthful and hip clothing designers whom want to spread their creative vision with the world.

During the Art Basel event in Florida, Teasy will have an show segment for their apparel brand that will be open to the public on 12/08/2012 and 12/09/2012. There is going to be a VIP Reception party on 12/07/2012 from 7pm-11pm at Miami Center Plastic Surgery that will be held by Teasy. Be sure to go to this party to check out and buy some of the fixed amount of articles of clothing in the 2013 line up. For more updates about the lady’s apparel brand and the Art Basel event make your way to Teasy.Com.

Former ‘Spice Girl’ Geri Halliwell Lonely Without Russell Brand

Former ‘Spice Girl’ Geri Halliwell was seen walking around London, England with a friend and only smiled when she looked at the photographers. It seems that Halliwell is lonely without Russell Brand. The couple of nights that Brand stayed over to hook up was only a temporary thing. Basically a fling if you want to name it. Halliwell seems to be extremely lonely and probably thought the hooking up was going to transform into something else. It hasn’t and it will mostly likely not. Brand has been back in the states and hasn’t looked back at. If you are digging Halliwell, then follow her on Twitter @GeriHalliwell to see what she is up too these days. Read about Emmy Rossum Looks Extremely Skinny On Set Of “You’re Not You” for more celebrity gossip.

Victoria’s Secret Model Helena Christensen & Boyfriend Paul Banks Out & About

Helena Christensen, Victoria’s Secret model, and her boyfriend Paul Banks, Interpol front man, were seen hanging out in New York City. Christensen has been dating Banks since 2008 and the couple is not engaged and there has been no talks about getting married in the future. Christensen has never been married before, but she has been in long relationships with INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, Norman Reedus and Josh Hartnett. Read about Nicky Hilton Shows Off Legs In A Black Mini Skirt to see what she has been up too.

TODD ALAN CLEM And HulkHogan Passed Around Heather Clem

Mr.America aka Hulk Hogan and HeatherClem sex tape recently made headlines online a couple days ago & it has managed a lot of hysteria. HeatherClem was the wife of Bubba the Love Sponge who is a well established radio anchor who’s worked with Howard Stern. When Bubba the Love Sponge and HeatherClem wedded, Mr.America aka Hulk Hogan was the grooms man. In the sex tape it certainly shows how Mr.America aka Hulk Hogan plummeted HeatherClem in her and Bubba the Love Sponge aka Todd Alan Clem’s bedchamber. This detail alone concludes with a lot of onlookers to be convinced that Mr.America aka Hulk Hogan and Bubba the Love Sponge were sharing HeatherClem who was Hulk Hogan aka Terry Gene Bollea’s ex, LindaHogan’s best friend. HeatherClem was always a really hot woman that fancied posting sexy pics of herself and placing them on the net. Now we find out that Heather Clem was moreover, a sex kitten that duged being drilled by Mr.America aka Hulk Hogan & being recorded while in her sexual escapades.

Are Sienna Miller And Robert Pattinson Hooking Up?

Recently, Robert Pattinson was photographed with a mysterious blond at a club in New York City. The pics were so blurry you couldn’t make out the mystery woman but in just a day or so, they mystery was solved and it turns out that Robert Pattinson had been chatting up with the very lovely Sienna Miller who dates Rob’s friend. However, Sienna and Rob in these pictures just seem much to cozy. Could Sienna Miller and Robert Pattinson possibly be hooking up? Tune in for updates as this story develops…

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